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RyoAki Group Inc sent a message to Daniel Schulman that said:

Greetings from Ryoaki Group Inc. Mr. Thompson,

Thank you for taking time to read our email.

We are from RAK transport, the rent a car division of RyoAki Group Inc.

For the past month, we have been trying to seek assistance from your Paypal team regarding our company's first paypal account ( paycash@fantasia.asia )

To our disappointment, all we got were several email replies from different customer service agents as follows :

1. instructed us to email thru the email ad of the account with concern - we did it already for several times but paypal never replied to that account

2. asked us to call paypal which we did for 3 times and on all occasions the selection buttons took us a lot of time and we still ended up with an agent who cannot decide what to do with our problem

3. we were emailed so many times that a call back will be done by paypal and we advised the time to call us. WE NEVER RECEIVED A CALL ( only once from a filipina who advised us we will receive a call from the concerned department but until now no call yet )

4. paypal emailed us that they called us at 9 pm manila time ( OMG we clearly indicated the call back to be between 8 am - 3 pm manila time Mon - Fri )

Mr. Thompson, we are also in the customer service industry and this kind of service by your team really does not speak well of the quality of service of paypal. I mean no assistance at all for almost a month? In our company TAT for client concerns is 24 hrs.

With this, may we seek your valued intercession on the task that your team simply cannot cope with and allow us to be assisted by Paypal on our concern with our other paypal account.

Thank you as we are hoping that elevating our concern to you will be beneficial for us this time.

Best regards,

Operations Manager

3rd Flr Cocolife Sucat Bldg.,
Dr. A. Santos Ave, Cor. N. Lopez Ave
Paranaque City, Philippines
TEL +632-4524091
MOB +639-27268-4029/+639-36806-0293
URL http://www.ryoaki.com/
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/raktransportinc8697482/

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