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Geno Littlewood sent a message to Daniel Schulman that said:

Hello Sir,

Hope all is well? I feel compelled to reach out to you based on my less than stellar communications with your customer service department.

I am a lean practitioner when I am not emailing the CEO of a major US company but I believe in continuous improvement and problem solving issues, which appeared lacking when I contacted PayPal to understand an issue related to a transaction.

Basically I purchased an item online and used my PayPal account to pay for this item, unfortunately what transpired was that I authorized one of my account payment methods to be processed but what happened thereafter is a mystery.

4 payments (equal to 4 items) were placed on the card I authorized & in addition 1 payment to my other account payment method (not authorized).

In my attempt to call customer service and understand how this happened I was basically left with that I must have made the other four purchases separately.

I appreciate mistakes happen, believe me I have made plenty but to be pushed aside and made to feel delusional, even though my bank confirmed the payments and offered to work with PayPal if only you would have been willing.

My issue is not the mistake but the lack of accountability at any level & this leaves me weary of future transaction through PayPal.

I truly hope PayPal all the success for the future I have certainly enjoyed using your services until now, I invested over 2 hours between my bank, PayPal & the retailer I am truly appreciative that my bank & the retailer were more invested in resolving the issue than PayPal was.

Kind Regards,
Geno Littlewood

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