@dan_schulman – Daniel Schulman – Hi Dan, here's an email I got from one of your Sales Reps, regarding New

Harry M. Rau sent a message to Daniel Schulman that said:

Hi Dan, here's an email I got from one of your Sales Reps, regarding New Products

Hi Evan,

If you look in the history, I've been with PayPal for decades. When I started my business with the U.S. Navy, we used the Virtual Terminal to process all our Government Card Purchases. Over the years we put many thousands of dollars thru PayPal.

I put the business on hold to care for my family Back East, until two years ago when my Mom passed. I moved my business to New Hampshire and began the process of ramping up once again. My Virtual Terminal was Inactive, so I re-applied.

Quite the process since the old days. Lots of forms, contracts and the like. We pushed through it all and got Approved to turn the Application On. We did a Test Transaction on April 29, 2020 for exactly $ 1.00. Hooray, back up and running!

This, just in time, because I'd gotten Orders to Fill from clients. When I went to run the Transactions..Nothing. I click on Virtual Terminal, the screen refreshes, and nothing happens.

Got on the Message Chat, a half dozen Agents got me nowhere. Emails to various support locations either were not answered, or very bizarre - told us the Service was running. Put us in a big bind, could not charge clients, no income, and no sale.

Had to make other arrangements, and lost some sales. Who can afford that?
Then on June 1, i see a charge of $ 60.00 on our Business Account for Merchant Services, insult to injury.

The Charge was successfully Disputed, as I have No Virtual Terminal. I removed the AMEX Card and the Bank Account from the PayPal Business Account. More disappointed than words could tell.

Scrambled to find another Merchant Processing Account and get it set up.

Now I get an email from PayPal soliciting New Products. You can't even make the old ones work, then have the abject temerity to charge me for a Product that doesn't exist.

When does it end, Evan?

If I had the time, I'd write your CEO and let him know the convoluted out of control monster PayPal has become. If I had more time, I'd sue you for the business you lost us, thousands of dollars. But, this is not to be, I have to move forward and find a new way.

Do Not Contact Me Again,

Harry M. Rau for
CompLab LLC

p.s. a copy of this email is going to Dan Schulman, btw

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