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Hi Dan. I'm writing to you to inform you of my troubles with PayPal. I have been trying to transfer my funds in my PayPal since they became available on September 28th. I have close to 16hrs of my time trying to get this accomplished. I have went through the help center many, many , many and more times trying to get this done. I have done more than my due diligence going through your steps to do this and every time I would get a message saying we can not help you at this time please try again later. I have text with over 15 agents or more. I was promised a phone call 13 times. I was told an agent would call me within 24-48 hrs and never once did I receive a phone call. I was told once by an agent named Precious that someone was going to call me the next day between 8am and 5pm so stay by the phone. I had to work a night shift that night but I stayed up all day by the phone waiting for a call. I never received the call and I kept getting apologies saying how sorry they were and they know how valuable my time is and I would be receiving a call in 24-48hrs. I wasn't looking for someone just to call me so they could do this for me. I went through your steps so many time and it failed every time. I phoned PayPal so many times only to be told your busy and go to the help center and then disconnected. I called first thing in the morning at 6am when you open and still received the same we are busy message. I did manage to get someone on the phone early on and she could not get this accomplished as well. I was transferred to a manager only to be disconnected before I got to speak to anyone. This is the most frustrated I have ever been with anyone or company in my life. Everyday for the past 26 days I have tried to withdraw my funds. Today October 26th I finally received a phone call and in 30 minutes with some troubles herself we finally got my funds into my account. Thirty minutes, one phone call we got this done. I spent as I said 26 days and at least 16hrs of my time trying to accomplish this and it was not my error as to why I could not get this done. I kept getting a copy and paste message as to what to do and it never worked my correct accounts came up and then the message I mentioned. I had many apologies and statements on how PayPal realizes my frustrations and how valuable my time is. Why would I get these 13 apologies and promises of a phone call only to never receive them. I have spent thousands upon thousands of dollars as a buyer through PayPal and this was my first attempt as a seller. It has left a sour taste in my mouth as to how I was treated. The funds were deposited in US dollars and I can not withdraw them in US funds. Your system wants to convert it to Canadian dollars. I needed this money to pay my US visa which I was charged 24% interest. I feel I should be compensated for my time, frustration and the interest I had to pay out. This has caused me considerable stress. Can you please respond to my request and your thoughts. Thank you
Randy Walsh 519 466-7527

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