@dan_schulman – Daniel Schulman – I am sitting by the phone now waiting 20 minutes for a call from one

Thomas H Webb sent a message to Daniel Schulman that said:

I am sitting by the phone now waiting 20 minutes for a call from one of your service reps. This to restore my paypal account.

Earlier I was doing eBay business and found the paypal system so difficult to work with. That I closed the eBay business. Mainly because everyone used paypal to transact.

Recently I used eBay to sale a watch. Instead of mailing me a check as requested. The buyer again used paypal. Hence with my account out of date. I needed to restore it.

But since I cannot get a reply....this cannot do.

Let me tell my other complaint. This one is pretty serious. Phishing. Hackers have hit me so many times with paypal phishing scams.

I never know if I getting a honest email from paypal or not. Hence I cannot change passwords or up date the account.

Every time I use paypal....I lose money. I never get the funds that a buyer sends to the account. It just evaporates.

Now that I have wasted 10 minutes of your time over a $130 watch sale.....just like your rep wasted my time. I feel some what better.

But paypal had horrible business practices. It is far to complicated to use......you the CEO.....set it up that way....so persons would get fustrated and leave their accounts....so that paypal can later close them and take a few $'s.

A legal way of stealing.....my grandfather would say.

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