@dan_schulman – Daniel Schulman – I am so frustrated with PayPal right now I am ready to cancel my account

Prissy Chambers sent a message to Daniel Schulman that said:

I am so frustrated with PayPal right now I am ready to cancel my account. I have a dispute with a vendor Case ID:PP-D-83450376. I purchased 3 different puzzles from a company in China and received them and they were not what I ordered. They were all 3 the same thing. I want a full refund or I want the original puzzles I ordered. You guys asked if I would settle for half of what I spent and I told you no. This company is dishonest or they would send me the puzzles I ordered. Intead, they offered me a 10% refund. Wow! I expected you guys to protect my purchase but you have not done so. You told me to return the 3 puzzles to them at my expense and then they will refund the $93.57. The cost to return them is $94.99. That isn't really a refund is it? So I sent the puzzles to you guys in San Jose so you can see what a farce it was that they even sent me those puzzles. You will receive them on 10/30/2020. If I do not receive a full refund on the puzzles I will cancel my account with you guys and use my credit card. They are easier to contact and will protect my purchase. I used PayPal out of convenience. I guess we will see what happens. Thank you for your time.

Prissy Chambers

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