@dan_schulman – Daniel Schulman – I had sold a pair of pants on EBay and the customer after bargaining the

Veronica Georgiadis sent a message to Daniel Schulman that said:

I had sold a pair of pants on EBay and the customer after bargaining the price down and the shipping down, decided she didn't want the pants. Perhaps they didn't fit her. However my terms are no returns and I measured the pants and posted a picture of the measuring on E bay for her. She bypassed a claim on E-Bay because I am a good seller with great reviews and decided to open a claim with PayPal instead. When I received an e-mail from PayPal I was unable to respond on the internet. I therefore called and spoke to a person to share my side of the story. The customer decided to turn the pants inside out and then claimed they didn't match the pictures posted. Of course not, who turns clothes inside out to sell them. The customer continued to say there was "white hairs' on the inside of the pants" I assure her that the material was not growing white hairs! As a matter of fact I have a picture of the zipper in which she questioned me about. From that picture you can see some of the inside of the pants at the waist, which is where she said it caught her attention and there are no white hairs! I stated that to the person who supposedly was noting my response. Even with the wrongful claim, Paypal decided to take MY funds and give them to the 'customer' without my consent and without having the pants returned! I am speechless on how PayPal operates!

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