@dan_schulman – Daniel Schulman – I wonder how you sleep at night, when you run a scam operation! I ordered

Edythe Redmann sent a message to Daniel Schulman that said:

I wonder how you sleep at night, when you run a scam operation! I ordered a pumpkin, that was supposed to have a projector in it and talk. The site I ordered from, had a picture of the item, explanation of how it works, and of course the PayPal button, which I erroneously figured that would give me some protection. Boy was I WRONG!!! The "company" that I ordered from, sent me a little cheap piece of crap plastic, about two inches big, that had a cheap little light switch for a light the size of a pinhead!!~!!! I contacted the seller, at some NEW FLY By NIGHT email, vipcs@babymlove, which WASN't the address or site that I ordered from, apparently he set up a new site to scam more people since PayPal BACKS HIM UP!!!! SCAM OPERATOR PAIRING UP WITH A SCAM ORGANIZATION! I filed a claim with Pay Pal, BUT YOU KNOW HOW THAT TURNS OUT!! You guys rule in favor of these operations all the time! I guess that's how you fund this piece of crap organization. Looking up all the lawsuits you have against you, that's what you love to do, SCAM INNOCENT PEOPLE OUT OF THEIR MONEY! I'm getting together with a big group of people to file a class action against you, which is nothing new to you, and I'm going on our ABC affiliate here in San Diego next week to expose your scams, which amount to WELL over a thousand lawsuits. I copied out ALL of the paperwork , some from your own archives on your site, of all the money that you have taken from little people. You see, that pumpkin was to be for my granddaughter. I am handicapped, and live on a limited income. She wasn't going to have a Halloween, and I bought this to cheer her up. I then had to tell her that our greedy bastards at PayPal, that like to take ALL the money from customers of their businesses they partner with, decided that it was okay to rob from people. I hope you are proud of yourself! My mother used to tell me that Karma ALWAYS makes it's way around, and from what I see, you are going to ROT IN HELL, for all you have done! My hope is that it is sooner rather then later!!!

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