@dan_schulman – Daniel Schulman – Mr. Schulman, I have had a PayPal account since 2005. PayPal screwed up big time

Joseph Coffey sent a message to Daniel Schulman that said:

Mr. Schulman,
I have had a PayPal account since 2005. PayPal screwed up big time by letting someone else open up an account using my email address that was already connected to my account. Ever since PayPal has been harassing me. We have been in contact on the message board for about a month. This conversation disappeared and they will not give me a copy of this. Your rules state that all messages will stay on the message board for 90 days earlier messages are available upon request. PayPal is breaking there own rules. I ask a question and they give me an answer that does not even pertain to the conversation. I am being treated like I did something wrong. Now they want a copy of my photo ID. I asked if U.S. Government Military ID with my picture and social security on it would be acceptable. Their answer did you file an appeal. My account was supposed to be restricted. But they released $74.99 from my account to renew my internet security. I cancelled that and the internet security refunded my money. How do they release money from a restricted account. The conversation that disappeared and I am being told that I can not get this conversation is BS. Because I am going to need that conversation to show the judge. If you would rather settle this out of court I am requesting that PayPal take responsibility for any unauthorized use of my bank account and credit card for the next 10 years. As long as it can be traced back to PayPal. Also I am asking for $5000.00 compensation for harassment and damage to my health which I will prove with medical records. I have serious health problems and your team is making them worse. Since this all started I have lost 7 pounds because of all the stress caused by you. I have asked numerous times if I can get a call from a supervisor to explain to me what is going on. The resolution center says that I have no open cases but I have one closed case. I asked what it was and was never answered. I sent in about 6 spoof emails to PayPal. I am still getting emails from PayPal asking me if I want to add another email to my account. If my account is restricted how can this even happen. I do not even know if I am talking to PayPal and they expect me to send them photo ID. I do not even know who I am sending this to. I would like a representative from PayPal to call me on the phone and explain everything to me. The person that calls must speak fluent English not broken English.
Your expedited help will be greatly appreciated.
Joseph Coffey

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