@dan_schulman – Daniel Schulman – On Feb 14,I used my account with no problem. On Feb 20,I tried

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On Feb 14,I used my account with no problem. On Feb 20,I tried to send money and account would not work. I contacted customer support and when tech called me back,he reset or reactivated account and it worked using both bank info and debit card info. Later on same date I tried to send money again to same person. Account would not take card info. I finally got bank info to work ,but instead of sending money instantly as supposed to,it flagged payment for up to 5 days. I contacted customer support once again and when they called me back,lady kept repeating it was okay and money would be sent,just had to wait. I explained this was not what I needed and she kept repeating same. She finally said nothing could be done and there wasn't anything wrong with account. Because of this,I had to go to bank and put stop payment on transaction which cost me $30 in fees. There is something wrong with coding on my account or it would take card info...it keeps asking for payment method. There should be a way to delete transaction if it is not what is needed. I should not have to pay a bank fee to stop it. Always before a verification phone call was made to me before actual transaction was released. Not this time. Can someone on your staff please correct my account so it works properly? Delete it if necessary and I can re apply. A refund of bank fee would be very nice. This program is a very good idea and you should be complimented for setting it up. Tech people should be quickly available instead of waiting for call back and they should be able to take an account apart and put it back together if that is what is needed to correct problems. Thank you for any help you may bring about and t6hanks for this service... Fred M Brown

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