@dan_schulman – Daniel Schulman – on feb12,2019 your pay pal company took $17.92 out of my bank account

Diane Ruggiero sent a message to Daniel Schulman that said:

on feb12,2019 your pay pal company took $17.92 out of my bank account for the company Homeware invention. I do not have a paypal account because I do not trust you heard to many people say how you ripped them off. when I ordered the product it gave the option to pay with pay pal or my credit card I chose credit card. I saw this pay pal trans action on my account and called the phone number and found out it was aypal. You guys helped me firure out what the transaction was I emailed the company and they wrote back that they had no notice of the transaction so I emailed them a copy of the transaction from my account idid this 3 times and never got an answer. So today I called your company again and told them to refund me my money after all your the ones who took it out of my account and you need to put it back that is how it works in America. Obviously your company out source because all your employees can barely speak English with their thick accents. They told me I had to activate a pay pal account so they can help me I told them why would I open up an account with a company that proceeded to rip me off and I heard from many people how you do this all the time. Now your crooked company took my money out of my account I need you to put it back now. Iam 64 and do not need this I am on SSD and need what little I get . I need you to do the right thing and refund me . The company that used you to rip me off has no address of phone number that I can find

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