Darren Huston – Dear Mr Fogel, I had a reservation with a hotel in Antwerp in May 2020

Laura Hindmarch sent a message to Darren Huston that said:

Dear Mr Fogel,

I had a reservation with a hotel in Antwerp in May 2020, booking ref 3658986405, pin 3119.

The hotel rang and cancelled the booking and stated they would not refund me and that I was only entitled to a credit, which they assured me was open ended. I have since been told that this is only valid until next May. Sadly, due to my career, I am a police officer, I am unable to travel within this time.

I have sent numerous requests to your agents via the resolution centre, and they are refusing to refund me, even though bylaw I am entitled to a refund.

Yesterday one of your call centre staff rang me, however today they are telling me the number they hold on their system is incorrect. I can assure you it’s not.

I have today been told “ I strongly suggest you accept the credit” very threatening I have to say.

They are refusing to email me as I requested
on a number of occasions and are sending me notifications that I am unable to open.

I have been a loyal customer of Booking.Com for many years and I was hoping to continue to use your services once this pandemic is over.

I have had similar issues with Expedia who repeatedly refused me refunds for flights and hotels however they have eventually had to refund me as they know that by refusing to do so is in breach of the law.

I would be most grateful if you could arrange for this to be refunded to me, so that as and when I am in a position to travel again I can rebook something.

I do not want a credit from the hotel, I have tried to ring them on a number of occasions and they terminate my call.

I really would like to resolve this matter without having to take legal action and I await your response.

Kind regards

Laura Hindmarch

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