Darren Huston – Good Evening Mr. Fogel, My Name is Mr. Rohan Barrett. I Have a Confirmed booking

Rohan B. sent a message to Darren Huston that said:

Good Evening Mr. Fogel,
My Name is Mr. Rohan Barrett. I Have a Confirmed booking with your company for the dates of 05/09/2019 – 05/15/2019 which I reserved months ago. My first call to Booking.com regarding my attempt to pay for my confirmed booking was over 2 months ago, where I was Assured that an email would be sent to the property manager of the reserved location; that if a response was not obtained within 24hrs that my confirmed booking would be canceled free of cost & a relocation would be accommodated for me at no additional cost.
So, you can imagine my Horror when I called back today, months after my original attempt at a resolution, to find that not only has nothing been done to resolve this issue but now, that the location has also been canceled & no attempt made to contact me to inform me of this potential vacation disaster for myself & my family!
I Have spoken with a Rosalina V. from your customer service department who has been working with me on my 3rd call today in an attempt to get this Monstrous Debacle rectified. However, I have less than Zero confidence in your companies willingness to take any moral responsibility for the negligible position you have put myself & my family in at this point & I find it unconscionable that you expect me to be subject to unfair policies which could devastatingly affect my Families time together in Jamaica.
Mr Fogel, I would appreciate it greatly if your company immediately cancels my Confirmed booking at LouJan @ the Palms Ocho Rios Jamaica (CONFIRMATION NUMBER: 1541443000) at Absolutely No cost to me & Relocate my Booking to a confirmed available location within the same community, the link to which I have provided below. I am Determined to make this a Public Spectacle, which will undoubtedly Negatively affect Future Revenue for this company, if Just & Fair measures are not applied to my circumstance, given the fact that this was all avoidable if even the slightest amount of competence & diligence were applied when I first called. I Will Endeavor to ensure that this Atrocity Never gets an opportunity to Hurt another family such as it has mine!!
I would really appreciate & prefer an amicable solution to this issue.


Mr. Rohan Barrett

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