Darren Huston – Good morning, This is the second time I have used your website to book a

Tammy Burden sent a message to Darren Huston that said:

Good morning,

This is the second time I have used your website to book a trip. First time was a complete disaster, Stayed at the Majestic and that place is not fit for a dog! Then recently stayed at The Strand Ocean Drive also in Miami. I was told I was booking a 2 bedROOM apartment NOT A 2 bed apartment, No phone in room, I wasn’t actually staying at the Strand I was 2 doors down, Gnats flying all around in room, shower did not work, hand held shower did not connect to holder so you had to either turn water off or hold between legs while you shower, NOT FUN! Tub leak all over bathroom so had to use towels and the extra towels they left, so no towels to wash up with, went to front desk to get more and tell them the issues, their lovely response, we don’t own that building I will put a call out to the owner. Left to beach came back several hours later still no towels, wash rugs to wash up with so went back down to front desk, they stated they called again, then I received a call from Property Manager??? Apologizing that the front desk did not call them earlier and make them aware of the issues and need for towels and they would get them to us asap! Well asap was again several hours later. Tub was dirty, patio furniture was rusted and holes in it, but the next door apartment had nice patio furniture, I have pictures. OVERALL this put a HIUGE damper on the trip! And as your company pointed out to me yesterday saying Gnats do not carry disease, well certain ones do and they are a sign of sewer issues, which by the way flood in bathroom the whole 4 days so me and my 3 y/o granddaughter stepped on that disgusting water! I’m a Nurse and was a cop till I changed career’s. Pool view BEAUTIFUL but… Lounge chairs material feeling off so you feel like your going to fall thru and very uncomfortable!!! I gave you a second chance after the HORRIBLE stay at the Majestic, I’m sure you can research what exactly happened there. I’m APPAULD that your team has done nothing but email me when I have asked several times to have Management call me in regards to this.

I want a full refund, $815 for 4 days, + $1 hundred and something resort fee, this place is far far from any kind of resort, $200 deposit which I was told it was a hold and they would not charge my card, well they charged my card.

I took off work, used Vacation time, paid parking at airport, and for what another horrible stay that YOUR COMPANY IS REPRESENTING! When I spoke with representative she informed me that if the hotel does not respond or help that booking.com has insurance for these kind of things and we will reimburse you.
Well per another email from your company I will not receive any compensation.

I will make this public, I will make sure none of my family, friends, coworkers use Booking.com and I have spoken to my lawyer who states that IF you do not cooperate we will file a case against your company and The Strand.

I’m disgusted and will be reporting to BBB and Health department… YOUR company REPRESENTS THIS HOTEL SO IT IS YOUR COMPANY THAT SHOULD REFUND MY MONEY! I would suggest sending staff to stay at the Hotels you represent and see how there stay is. OR take your family to this hotel and let’s see how you like Gnats flying around you and your family. I work very hard for my money and take my granddaughter on vacation and this was another horrible experience by a hotel YOU represent!

Please contact me in this matter to discuss further

Tammy Burden
So your Senior Relations Specialist Maria S. has emailed me and
offered 20% back. Really??? The Gnats flying around are head, the
flooding in bathroom, waiting all day into the night for towels, due
to using them all for flood, shower did not work… This was 100% of
the time NOT 20%!!!

I will call my contacts at the News Station along with Social Media
and my lawyer unless I receive a FULL REFUND OF $815.

I have forward you the Obscene amount of emails from your customer
service department asking the same questions with different people
every time.

When I take vacation time and use vacation hours at work and end up
with a hotel I wouldn’t let my cat stay in, I take this personally!
I’m a Nurse, I work very hard for the money I use to take a vacation.
Also I was a Undercover Police Officer so I know I have rights here.

Please address ASAP

Tammy Burden, RN

This issue and I will NOT go away… It is in the best interest to refund my full amount and leave it be… I will NOT tolerate unhealthy envionments especially with my 3 y/o granddaughter. YOUR company should be ashamed for representing this facility The Strand, knowing what I have told you….

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