David Brandon – Good Evening Mr. Brandon,<br><br>I have been one of the first persons in line for

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Good Evening Mr. Brandon,

I have been one of the first persons in line for the past four years on Black Friday now Thursday in order to make sure I got the toys I was seeking for my two children. This year went as expected for the initial 5 p.m. opening. We got everything on our list except the Imaginarium train table but this store had run out of them before I could get one. I\'m always fine with this because that\'s just the chance you take. The main reason I am writing is because of the Charleston Lodge swing set by Big Backyard that was on sale for $799.00. I was the first in line with my sales ticket that I got out of the slot at the store above the picture of this swing set. The ticket showed the sales price of $799 on it. I was pretty excited to be the first one to get a ticket and I was sitting waiting until 7 a.m. to check out as this was the second time for door busters as you already know. While I\'m waiting a nice lady asked me if I needed any help and so I asked her if I could check out early and she informed me that I could at 6:45 a.m. cst. She then checked what I had on a scanner to see if the price would show up early so I could possibly check out early. when she scanned the swing set she noticed that they didn\'t have any in stock, but I asked her how this could be possible since it didn\'t go on sale until 7:00 a.m. cst. She went and asked an assistant manger who explained to me that this item went on sale on 11-22 to rewards members. I think this perk for being a member is fine but if you\'re going to place this item in the Black Friday ad then there should have a been at least a few available at each store for those people who read the ad and had made plans to purchase this item. I had to wait 2 1/2 hours to speak to the store manager at the Murfreesboro, TN location. His name was Christian and he was very nice unlike the assistant manager who immediately got an attitude with the five of us who had shown up to purchase this item before 7 a.m. He took all of our names down when he arrived and said your company was working on a remedy for this mishap. I understand stuff happens but when we passed on a lot of other sale items to be able to fit this purchase in our budget it really is upsetting when you\'re the first in line to purchase an item that was in the ad and clearly stated in-store only. I didn\'t everything right and still wasn\'t able to spend $800+ on a swing set. I\'m not sure what Toys r us has planned to remedy this situation but I would love to hear from someone about this issue soon so I can make other plans with the money I have allotted for a swing set. Thanks so much for your time, I look forward to hearing back from you. I can be reached either by the email above or at 615-481-2472.

Jordan McCall, Sr.

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