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Dear Alan, I just want to pass on to you something that I saw on – Alan Joyce email address

Drew sent a message to Alan Joyce CEO, Qantas Airways Limited – email address that said:

Dear Alan, I just want to pass on to you something that I saw on a recent Qantas flight from Auckland to Brisbane on 11th November,departing Auckland at 11am, which has been playing on my mind. My wife and I were seated in the mid section of economy class next to the emergency exit door of which there was 4 doors in that same area. As the plane descended into Brisbane, I noticed that water was coming out of all 4 window areas of all 4 doors. It was not just a few drips but rather a steady stream. Thinking to myself that modern planes are not suppose to do that, I mentioned it to 2 Qantas employees as we disembarked and was told not to worry, it's probably just condensation. I just don't think modern airplanes are suppose to do that,especially at emergency exits. I bring this to your attention as my wife and I , who do not fly often, only ever fly Qantas due to its safety record and we would hate to see anything ever go wrong on a Qantas flight. Hope this information is useful and if you require any further information, please contact me. Kind regards. Drew

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