Dear CEO David V. Auld, Hello I’m Braxton Vranes, and I’m a amateur paranormal investigator – David V Auld email address

Braxton sent a message to David V. Auld  President and Chief Executive Officer of D.R. Horton Inc. Email Address that said:

Dear CEO David V. Auld,

Hello I'm Braxton Vranes, and I'm a amateur paranormal investigator. I'm contacting you because I was wondering if I can get permission from you to be able to do a paranormal investigation of the old Utah County Jail on 1776 Buckley Ln, Provo, Utah that your company DR Horton has recently bought before it is razed.

I know the jail has the risk of asbestos exposure. I do have my own protective equipment for it, and I would be willing to sign a waiver acknowledging the risk, so the DR Horton is protected from any liability whatsoever.

I would be very appreciative, and grateful for the chance to do one last investigation of this unique treasure of utah county history before it's torn down, and lost forever.

Thank you so much for your time.


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