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Dear CEO GSK, I am Prof. Dr. Mohamed A. El-Guindi, MD (Egypt) PhD (USA). I – Andrew Witty email address

Mohamed sent a message to Andrew Witty CEO, GlaxoSmithKline that said:

I am Prof. Dr. Mohamed A. El-Guindi, MD (Egypt) PhD (USA). I am a Professor of Pediatrics, Vice Dean National Liver Institute, Menoufiya University, Egypt, President of the Egyptian Society of Pediatric Dear Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition (EGSPGHAN); and General Secretary of the Pan-Arab Societies of Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition (PASPGHAN). We are scheduling our 20th consecutive annual conference on the 22nd 25th April 2015 as we are always having our conferences in the last 20 years in April of each year.
It is becoming very difficult in the last couple of years with your managers here in Egypt to convince them to sponsor our activities in spite of the fact that we are having each year the President of the ESPGHAN (Prof Berthold Koletzko and eminent colleagues from Europe such as Professors Baummann, Melhatch, and many many others during the years.
They are giving us a very hard time this year, while they are sponsoring other conferences that are not official and are done by individuals and nor central societies that are well established. I don’t know what your company are gaining from such sponsorship and denying official and important society such as ours such benefits. What is really getting more frustrating is they are not evening answering their phones or replying to our emails that we are sending daily.
I am complaining of your policies in our country that are sponsoring individual conference and denying this sponsorship from the only official society working in our field of interest just because your people in Egypt have connections with those individuals. Please let me know your policy and give me an answer as to the causes that your company in Egypt is refusing to sponsor our conference.
Waiting for your reply, although this year we managed to recruit funds and sponsorship from outside of Egypt, I don’t know what is your policy and what are your managers in Egypt heading to with their own private policy of sponsoring individual’s conferences and not the national and regional society such as ours.


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