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Eddie sent a message to Chua Sock Koong CEO, SingTel that said:

Dear CEO

I was a Singtel staff from 28 Jul to 8 Dec 2015. During my short stint, I was encouraged to be an advocate for Singtel and to sign up for its services. I managed to convince my wife to port 3 M1 lines under her name to my name to enjoy the 40% staff rate. All of sudden I was slapped with public rate without any warnings. The reason given when I called the hotline was the TCs was in the intranet. Previously we were enjoying 35% multi lines discount with M1 and it does not make any sense to port over if I know the staff rate will be taken away upon my resignation. .

1. I was billed for caller-ID wrongly when it should be free for one of the 3 lines.
2. One line auto-roam was not activated when we were in Malaysia and I was given 2 months subscription for my mobile share line.
3. I was not notify when I am no longer enjoying the staff rate.
4. When I wrote to my MP, the first reply CRD201207-01 given by Michelle from Customer Management did not offer me any solution. Only when my MP wrote in the second time, I need to propose to CM after the called me to either transferring the lines to someone or having a CIS before they advised me the details.
5. My 2 months waiver was taken away when I transfer my account to my sister.
6. The multi lines discount is not effective immediately but 1 or 2 billing cycles. Whereas if any lines are cancel or port out, the multi lines discount will be reduced accordingly.
7. I was a Singtel users many years ago and decided to return as all my siblings and their families are with Singtel.
8. I am currently not employed and I am currently a Grab driver with no fixed income.

I am pressured to transfer all my 3 main lines and 1 mobile share line to my sister so as to reduce my billing and the only consolation I have from CM is agreeing to waive 2 transfer fees. I am just hoping that I am allowed to complete my 2 years contract at the staff rate.

Best regards


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