Dear Dan, My name is Ivana . I am emailing you to ask for an – Daniel H Dan Schulman email address

Ivana sent a message to Dan Schulman President and CEO of PayPal Email Address that said:

Dear Dan,

My name is Ivana . I am emailing you to ask for an opportunity to recover my paypal account under my email I am an honest person, Profesional , I was a good paypal client for more than 10 years. 4 months ago , I did a mistake because I was an unexpierence ebay seller and I was used by someone else . I apologize , I explain to paypal, I sent all the documents . I only received authomatic answers, nobody took the time to review my account, to contact me and talk to me . I dont like fraud , I am not longer selling on ebay , I just want my paypal for my profesional activity . You can check my linkedin profile. I am from Argentina and my I only want to use paypal for my profesional services and Adwords Consultant.

Thank you very much for receiving my email , I really hope paypal could give me a second opportunity , paypal can review my account history and all the docs I sent . I am real and Honest.

Thanks for considering my case


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