Dear Darren I have attached a screen shot of our review page on your website. I – Darren R Huston email address

Rod sent a message to Darren R. Huston – President and Chief Executive Officer of The Priceline Group – Email Address that said:

Dear Darren

I have attached a screen shot of our review page on your website. I would like to bring to your attention the content of my reply and am interested in your views not for us but for all Hotels in general which are constantly being unfairly treated by these type of reviews. In our city I have noticed all Hotels and other accommodation places suffer lower ratings with a downward trend which is not a true reflection of the situation and I am sure this is being played out everywhere. Fair enough when there is a genuine complaint like rudeness or a cleanliness issue but not for " it didnt suit them" type comment for example
If you want your review system to accurately reflect what a Hotel is offering and how it is delivering it then It is appropriate to have a look at the criteria for which people can review. In our case to be bagged for the reason given is ridiculous
I look forward to your reply
Kind regards


What too flowery Judith? or did you mean too austere? Either way this is typical of someone not looking to see it the place is suitable for their needs before booking. then happy to bag it when they felt they made a bad choice. This review makes a mockery of the review system and if it has not dawned on the reader already every Hotel in existence ( no matter how good) is on a downward spiral in rating due to the fact that there are odd / unnecessary/ ridiculous reviews which skew the ratings negatively.

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