Dear David Novak, I am boycotting KFC, My name is Jessica , number is – David Novak email address

Jessica sent a message to David Novak Chairman and CEO, Yum! Brands, Inc. that said:

Dear David Novak,

I am boycotting KFC,
My name is Jessica, and as a young child I loved eating KFC. When my mom brought it home for dinner there would be smiles and no questions asked. The questions came later of course when I started to wonder about the liability of the chicken. I recently did research on the treatment of the "€œfood" I was eating. I was made aware of the disturbing video that depicted a KFC slaughterhouse. The workers in the house were performing acts of aggression towards these chickens and the sanitation was not up to caliber. The chickens that are killed are given growth hormones that create disproportional body parts and break their limbs so they are unable to walk. Tens of thousands of chickens are shoved into little cages the size of a sheet of paper. Chickens are slaughtered at 2 years old and they are dipped into hot water when conscious. The chickens are still members of this Earth that have the ability to feel pain. So, the 85 million of them should be taken care of better.
There are 18,875 KFC in the world; each with an average annual earning in between $80,000 and $100,000. Therefore, there is a sufficient amount of growth in the industry to spend more on the cost of production. My action is to boycott the KFC franchise until someone decides to change the treatment of the chickens. I will involve as many KFC goers as I can and we will not eat KFC until major changes are made. I propose getting bigger and nicer places for the chickens. Make frequent trips to the slaughter houses. Ensure that the chickens are being treated well. It will certainly cost an investment to make the new establishments, however you will receive positive feelings from everyone. When you receive positivity there will no longer be websites that trash KFCs and more people will buy your products. Thus, the expenses will be worth it in the long run.

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