Dear Dean Foods Executives: We have excellent news! You can easily save $687,000,000* over – Gregg A Tanner email address

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Dear Dean Foods Executives:

We have excellent news!

You can easily save $687,000,000* over the next ten (10) years!

The average ROI is about:
• $14,000* per truck (*depending on the average fuel cost per truck per year your company experiences. Make adjustments on the attached fuel savings template calculator to match your company’s annual costs.)
• If you have 4,900 trucks, as an example, your ROI will be about:
o $41,000,000* the first full year with all trucks equipped.
o $68,000,000* each year thereafter with all trucks equipped.

Yes, you will save $687,000,000* over the next ten (10) years!

We promise to increase your mileage 15% to 40%, depending on the vehicle, and promise you will pass the EPA emission tests in any state, including California, using your existing fleet.

Semi-trucks are usually in the range of 18% to 22% fuel savings.

Our advanced patented hydro-generator is far superior to any other system. We understand other systems do not work and they do not last very long. They corrode and wear out quickly. Our system is different. Our unique patented advanced technology is the best. That is why we guarantee its performance. We already know it works extremely well and lasts a very long time. We solved all of challenges with this technology eight (8) years ago, and have sold thousands of them during the past sixteen (16) years. It’s already been thoroughly tested and proven.

It works On Demand, so there is no storage of hydrogen, making it completely safe. It is similar technology used by NASA on the space shuttle.

• It does work.
• It does last.
• It is safe.

We have the best solution for you to solve the emissions issue and save fuel for years to come. Our expert inventor is available to answer any of your questions. You will truly be impressed with him and his inventions.

We are the exclusive manufacturer of the only hydro-generator that passed the CARB (California Air Resources Board), tests. CARB has tested our Hydro-Generator and proved it passes the emission tests. Your existing fleet will pass the emission tests in all states, including California, immediately upon installing our system on any truck. It works on new trucks too!

We paid $250,000 to have it tested and it passed all 17 of their tests. Our system has an EO (Executive Order number from CARB). The number is D-753 for our model 26a. We are not interested in paying anyone else to test our unit, CARB has done all the testing that is necessary. There were fifty (50) other companies that tried to pass the tests. Our generator was the only one that passed the testing. Just buy it, we will install it, and your trucks will pass the emission tests right away, and save money on your fuel costs too. It’s that simple!

There is no need to replace your fleet with new trucks. There is no need to install the DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) and clean it twice a year. There is no need to install the expensive liquid system and have to pay for its ongoing expenses. Our system is your best choice. It works instantly upon installation and you pass the emission tests instantly. There is no need to take any of your trucks out of service for maintenance using our system. Simply add more water about every 1,000 miles.

If our system does not perform as described we will return the complete purchase price plus installation. You will save your company many millions of dollars each year in reducing fuel costs, and pass the emission tests!

Our web site explains how our system works and has customer testimonials to prove it. Here is a little explanation: Because hydrogen gas is a fast burning element, it permits fuel to burn much more efficiently. It produces hydrogen gas "On Demand". It starts when the engine starts and it turns off when the engine is turned off. There is no storage of hydrogen gas making our system completely safe.

We are so highly confident in our products we offer a 30 day money back guarantee, and a one year warranty. You can easily pass emission tests and start saving money now and for years to come. Why waste it?

Benefits include:
• Use clean water as a source of supplemental alternative fuel.
• Reduce emissions up to 72%.
• Extend fuel mileage from 15% to 40%, depending on the type of vehicle.
• Reduce carbon buildup in cylinders and spark plugs.
• Increase the life of the catalytic converter, spark plugs, and oil life.
• Restore new vehicle performance.
• Virtually maintenance free. Simply add more clean water about every 1,000 miles.

There are no short or long term adverse effects. Our system will not harm the engine or any other components. Using our generators is a win-win opportunity. The return on investment is far less than one year. You will save money, burn less fuel, and help keep the air clean!

Call for a quote right away to start saving money!

Partnering with us is the right choice to help you save money for years to come, and to meet the increasing emission requirements! We can help you with financing options too.



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