Dear Dr. €‹Joe Kaeser, I have great pleasure in introducing myself to you as an – Joe Kaeser email address

Damodaran sent a message to Joe Kaeser President and CEO, Siemens A.G. – email address that said:

Dear Dr. Joe Kaeser,

I have great pleasure in introducing myself to you as an independent inventer based in India, working on innovative designs of windmills which have substantially increased power generation capacity but occupying lesser space .

I have been pursuing this research and development work for the last fifteen years and I am glad to share with you the abstract of my resultant patent for the final design of my invention​,​ which I have obtained as the outcome of my RD works.

I have great regard about your company Siemens​ A.G.​, for the emphasis it attaches for creativity, innovations and its technological leadership and hence I want to approach your company first for a proposal for a possible licensing of my patent for commercial exploitation.

The abstract of my patent is given below.I have already developed a prototype of my invention and can share with you further details of my invention as per the norms followed by the industry​,​ as the next steps.

I must, however, assure you that this design which I have invented and patented worldwide​,​ marks a quantum leap as the next generation design concept , in terms of its efficiency for power generation in multiple folds as well as compactness in the space occupied in comparison to all the existing designs of the leading ​existing ​windmill​ turbine ​ manufacturers, including Siemens​,Vestas etc.

I will be glad to hear from you regarding your interest in this proposal.

With warm regards,

Yours Sincerely,



A horizontal axis with two wind turbines {Rotors}, one at each end, with a generator or alternator in between , generates electricity driven by wind force.The turbine blades which are flat, broad and long, unlike the existing fixed blades, are unique as they change their orientation from knife to blade and then blade to knife while rotating, eliminating wind drag and ensuring free flow of wind and smooth rotation of the turbine, leading to increased conversion of the wind energy into electrical energy.

This novel design can be used for replacing all the existing and operating wind mills all over the world by upgrading to the twin turbine tilting design leading to multiple fold increase in the operating efficiency and power generation at minimal cost. With this design, new rooftop, commercial and industrial grade wind mills can be fabricated offering efficient and cost effective power generating systems.The added advantages of this new invention are; since its blades move front to back, unlike the existing ones, it will not require so much space or tall structure, for the turbine to rotate and also more mills can be erected in lesser space.

While the flat blade technology of this innovation helps in doubling the power generation even with one turbine; when twin turbines are operated it would lead to fourfold increase in power generation in a single mill leading to increased output and ​​earnings.

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