Dear Dr. Appel, Im writing this note to bring to your attention the less than – Frank Appel email address

Andrew sent a message to Frank Appel CEO, Deutsche Post AG – email address that said:

Dear Dr. Appel,
Im writing this note to bring to your attention the less than stellar mail and package service I have recieved since I have moved to Berlin from the U.S.A. 8 months ago.
I have an associate forwarding my mail from the U.S. After spending $65.00 U.S. dollars to send a large envelope, it was returned because he put an extra E in Strasse. Since quite a few street names end in Strasse, and the street the mail was being delivered to is Hohenstaufenstrasse I find it hard to believe someone would not figure this out.
Everything else was correct including the name, zip code etc. This package was sent September 28th and and re sent on Approx. October 11 at the cost of another $65.00 and we still don't have it.
Another incident was more recent. I ordered an item online from the U.S. Received an email that it was delivered. I was home at the time of the alleged delivery, the door bell never rang. there was no notice that D.H.L. tried to deliver anything. I went to Deustchse Post where the customer service representative was less than pleasant and was told there was no package there. I looked on D.H.L's website and finally found a notice with my tracking number and the message it was sent back to sender as undeliverable. Come to find out, it was not sent back immediately, but sent back today, after 2 weeks, with no additional attempts to contact me or deliver the package. If there was a
problem with the address, D.H.L. would have sent it back to the sender immediately. 1 package, 2 different outcomes. Please tell me what is going on here? Short staffed? Growing pains? Do you have plans for fixing this problem? I would like some answers as I would like to stay in Germany and need to know I can rely on the on Deutsche Post for my mailing needs.

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