Dear Dr-Dieter Zetsche , Good day. After trying most of Mercedes Benz Europe phone numbers to – Dieter Zetsche email address

Mohammad sent a message to Dieter Zetsche CEO, Daimler AG – email address that said:

Dear Dr-Dieter Zetsche , Good day.

After trying most of Mercedes Benz Europe phone numbers to complain against Middle East costumer service without success, I could not find any one to solve my issue until I found your email address .

I hope you will help me with my issue and here is my problem in full details :

First of all I was shocked by the substandard level of costumer service Mercedes Benz provide their costumers with !!

I contacted the Middle East Dailmer costumer service number to ask some questions regarding a problem that I’m facing in placing my custom made GLC 300, the operator answered me, then I briefly explained to him the issue and told him “Mr. Georges Antonios “replied to my email that I sent to Germany after they forwarded it to him , after few seconds the operator told me the costumer service agent is not in the office nor anyone else and he can not tell me why, (This call was in Thursday, May 12 at the middle East Dailmer costumer service number the time was 10:40 am Saudi Arabia timing)and I have to call on next Sunday in order to contact with an agent !!

I told him to let me speak with his supervisor , he replied that he doesnt have a supervisor , then I replied to let me speak to any senior agent !! He replied that I dont know anything about the internal work of companies,then he started to proceed in his very rude speech , then I ended the call. I believe the call is recorded and the name of that operator could be retrieved .

The story from the beginning, On April 28th I went to Mercedes Benz Dealership in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh City, Kharis Branch Rd to place a custom made order for the GLC 300 Petrol engine, I chose the specification via the codes in the catalogue then handled them over to the salesman, then I paid the deposit fee “10,000 Saudi Riyals” then he told me the car will be manufactured in June and Delivered in September 2016 as 2017 model, however he will reply to me as he will send the order to the factory and await for their approval and comments.

Almost five days after , the salesman called me and told me that the production will be delayed till August and the delivery will be in October 2016 because the production line of June July is blocked !!, also the wood trim I have chosen “H09” is not possible to be produced in August and I have to choose something else , also there is a conflict between those two codes :

242-Front passenger seat, electrically adjustable with memory function

P65-Seat Comfort package

And I have to choose one of them because they cannot be together without explaining the reason ! Which was the reason why I call Middle East Dailmer costumer service in the first place , I also contacted Mercedes Benz factory in Bremen Germany  but they could not answer my questions and asked me refer back Middle East number .

I’m writing this to you full of disappoint and devastation of what happened , and depending of what corrective measure Mercedes-Benz will take against that rude operator ,and regarding my order I will decide either to proceed with my order or to take my money to another car maker that it would respect its costumers and treat them well !


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