Dear Dr Zetsche,I have been a loyal customer of Mercedes Benz in the UK – Dieter Zetsche email address

Andrea sent a message to Dieter Zetsche CEO, Daimler AG that said:

Dear Dr Zetsche,

I have been a loyal customer of Mercedes Benz in the UK. I don't suppose a big corporation like yourselves is interested in the 'little' people, but I am so outraged about the total lack of customer service in Istanbul, Turkey, I need to tell everybody that I can reach out to including Britta Seeger, new head of Mercedes Benz, Turkey.

I have a good friend who has just purchased 2 Mercedes cars in Turkey to start a new business and I can't believe the huge difference in fairness and customer service! I am aware that Turkey is not part of Europe, but as Daimler/Mercedes Benz is fundamentally a European company then European principles and rules should still apply.

The fact that when he collected his first car in Istanbul, he had to PAY for the dealership to show him the basic workings of the car was unbelievable enough! My dealership offered me this as part of the "Mercedes Benz" experience accompanied with a bottle of champagne each time.

On the second day, the car had to be returned for a 2 hour job due to engine trouble. Unfortunate but not really acceptable.

The worst experience is financial. My friend took a 36 month financial deal with Mercedes Benz Finance Division. This was fine BUT.... the 2nd car he paid a deposit for has not arrived!

His business was relying on 2 cars as promised. Not only does this impact him financially but he must start paying the monthly instalment mid September for a car he doesnt have!!! In Europe you would pay after you have received the car, this is just greedy.

At the moment, the earliest date given is early October but this could change. How is this fair? How is this the level of customer service that Mercedes Benz can be proud of?

No doubt this email will fall on deaf ears, but somebody should be made aware of customer service standards in Istanbul, Turkey. In Europe you would expect to pay the deposit and start monthly payments when you are in possession of the car and not before.

He wanted to increase his fleet of Mercedes cars but after this experience, he will probably think again.

Yours sincerely,


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