Dear Ford motor company, The first thing I would like to say is that form – Mark Fields email address

Aaron sent a message to Mark Fields – President and Chief Executive Officer of Ford Motor Company email address that said:

Dear Ford motor company,

The first thing I would like to say is that form the time I bought my Ford F-150 I have always been a believer in there product and have always recommend them to people I know. I always thought that what made Ford a better company then all the other motor companies is that they were always willing to help there customers or at least present them with a solution to the problem, until today. Now I understand that things happen and that sometimes they are unavoidable but my recent experience is complete crap. I would've thought that when Ford looked at the pictures of my rocker panels and said I agree that there is a definitely rust perforation issue that we were on the same page, but I was wrong. Even though when I bought my truck I was sold some kind of coating that was to protect the painted surfaces on my truck from a lot of things including rust which apparently is now all the sudden not the case. I thought that Ford was a company that would stand by there product but that seems to be only if your truck is 5 years old. In my case I have had my truck for a short 6 years old and now due to Ford's B.S. 5 year warranty, even though the issue was agreed to be preexisting before the warranty expired, my truck isn't covered. They now look at it say you aren't within the 5 year so there is nothing we're going to do which is unacceptable. I can no say that I no longer believe in Ford and that I am very disappointed. All I have to say to someone who is thinking about buying a Ford... DON'T!!! Unless of course you are prepared to throw your truck away after five years because that's all its worth to them. I mean what's the big deal it's only money and it's not like Ford is hurt by it. I now know that Ford is a company that will sell you a truck, give you false information about a coating they offer, and kick you to the crub at a 5 year mark. I send this out there hoping to relieve myself of the disappointment I have and to warn people what they're getting themselves into dealing with Ford motor company. #Ford #F150 #disappointment #rust #lie

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