Dear Hubert, I am getting nowhere fast with the BestBuy customer service team. And writing – Hubert Joly email address

Gordon sent a message to Hubert Joly President and CEO, Best Buy – email address that said:

Dear Hubert,

I am getting nowhere fast with the BestBuy customer service team. And writing directly to you is the best alternative I have to the ineffective 1-888 number.

Here’s what I have experienced since the beginning of this year.

January 18 – I place an order for a Bosch washer and a Bosch dryer with Geek Squad support for a total of $2231.89

January 31 – Both machines are delivered. But once they’re installed it becomes clear that they are used floor model machines, not brand new as they should have been. I call customer service for two new replacement machines.

February – An attempt to deliver two new replacement Bosch machines is made. However once the machines are taken off the truck it becomes clear that one of the machines is damaged. Naturally we refuse delivery and keep the old – previously delivered – floor model machines. I call customer service for another replacement. These machines are special order so we have to wait a few more weeks and continue using the old floor models.

March 3 – I decide we can’t take the risk of more broken Bosch machines and we decide to (a) place a NEW order for an LG dryer and an LG washer and (b) to cancel the outstanding – as yet unfulfilled – Bosch order. The LG machines are also special order so we have to wait a few more weeks. Also our refund for the cancelled Bosch order cannot be refunded until the floor model machines are returned to the warehouse.

April 23 – We receive our new LG washer and dryer. Once they are installed it is revealed that there is no power cord for the dryer. We can’t use the dryer. The old Bosch machines are taken away. The delivery guys say someone from BestBuy will follow up within a week to resolve the power cord issue. Nobody gets in touch.

At this point we have paid nearly $4500 – for two old Bosch machines and two new LG machines – and waited nearly 4 months for machines we still can’t use. And BestBuy is making no effort to help. I have also spent hours on the phone trying to solve every problem we’ve experienced throughout these 4 months.

April – I call customer service to resolve the power cord issue. The best solution they can devise is replacing the machine. So another order is placed for a new LG dryer. Shortly after a family member tells us that these machines never come with a power cord and you have to buy your own. It seems both BestBuy customer service and the BestBuy ecommerce team is unaware of this. So I buy a power cord at the Home Depot and install it myself. We are finally in business with both our LG washer and dryer.


May – We still haven’t received a refund for the first messed up Bosch order.

May 14 – I spend 1 hour on the phone with customer service trying to trace our refund. They hang up on me. I call again and am given a case number - 179-388-124 – with a promise that someone will call me with a solution within 48 hours. Unsurprisingly nobody contacted me.

May 15 – I write to Pedram – your VP of Customer Experience – to outline our experience these past 5 months and to ask for his help. No response.

I am not looking for an apology, or any kind of compensation for this tortuous process. Just our refund. Anything you and your team can do to help would be hugely appreciated.



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