Dear Hubert, I am writing you about the incredible incompetence of the Geek Squad here – Hubert Joly email address

Andea  sent a message to Hubert Joly President and CEO, Best Buy – email address that said:

Dear Hubert,

I am writing you about the incredible incompetence of the Geek Squad here in Prescott, AZ recently. Not only was the store Geek Squad Manager at fault, but the home service Geek he sent was a catastrophe of incompetence. My calls to both were never returned. I cancelled the payment I made to them on my Credit Card, and Best Buy refused to do it. You have lost a faithful customer forever. My Credit Card company is not charging me, but regardless, the fact that there is nobody to oversee the Geek Squad Manager's actions and let them get away with this kind of service that made me have to call another tech company to fix it and also my Century Link people to fix and such, keeping me unable to respond to advertisements in my business, or receive phone calls or print anything and have all kinds of failures because the Geek who came to my house to put the wires back in to the right places in my moving back into this home, instead disconnected everything from the Brother printer hard drive. Instead of having someone call me after I wrote the Manager a letter, nobody cared, and nobody called. Other problems came up that were the same origin, the incompetent Geek guy here. I'm telling you this because I have read about you, and I used to be a loyal customer of Best Buy. Now I will never go into store again. In addition, before I left Las Vegas to move back here I was very dissatisfied with their Geek people too. I was told they couldn't keep help there in the store long enuf as they all wanted to work from home instead, so they had a huge turnover. I had problems with their service there recently too, that I never had before. I see the Tony Hsieh culture in your ideas and I appreciate that, but it is NOT trickling down to the stores.

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