Dear (Indian) Renault Management I had excitingly bought the famous 1.0 RXT Kwid this October – Carlos Ghosn email address

Vilok sent a message to Carlos Ghosn President and CEO, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. – email address that said:

Dear (Indian) Renault Management

I had excitingly bought the famous 1.0 RXT Kwid this October. On buying i was up for some great disappointment.

Here are the details

1. WIPER - Firstly the car had a single wiper which i saw in the demo car but on operation in my own car i found it couldnt even completely clean the front wind shield.
On lifting the wiper i found it touching the rear of the bonnet there by scratching it every time i lift to clean the wind shield


2. Further the front wind shield does NOT have a covering Rubber seal on its periphery. Why ?? What was the idea of not providing a seal at the edges ??

3. Further on inspecting the rear of the bonnet i found a gap of almost 5 inches from the body. Wonder what would you expect us to fill the gap with apart from dust n dried fallen leaves.

The car could have been more compact had this gap been lesser by 2 inches atleast preventing the unwanted accumulation of dust.

4. The interiors of the car boasts cheap plastic. Surprisingly a 3.5 lac car doesnt have a rear power window ?? The same can be installed at an extra cost. Why?? A normal standard feature which is easily available in contemporary cars is not in the standard feature. Are you by any chance comparing your car with TATA NANO which too doesnt have a rear power window.

Absolutely shameful for an MNC of the stature of RENAULT

5. No rear door pockets. This is one of its type of classic example of thoughtless ness

6. No retractable rear seat belts. Now why on earth would you want to do that. How about a rope instead of those long seat belts like some snakes on the back seats. Shame

7. Further u call your car a city car, then why on earth have you given such high ground clearance if its always on the road. Also the boot space at the rear is larger compared to other cars. But why does a city car require a large boot space ?? Small boot space is quite enough.

Further to make matter worse if this mini SUV looks type Car is meant for On Road Off Road then why the hell have you given so less leg space esp in the rear ?? It becomes highly uncomfortable for long drives.

Wonder what was the designer dreaming while designing this car

8. Just 1000 cc 3 cylinder engine when actually 4 cylinder 1000 CC or 3 cylinder 1200 CC engine was required as the car lacks Power.

9. No rear defogger wiper one of the basic feature of all cars small or big. Shame you didnt provide.

10. In the times when car manufacturers provide Automatic side view mirrors you guys just dont have a handle to adjust side view mirrors forget automatic mirrors. PATHETIC.

11. No Keyless entry or Start Stop ignition switch.

12. No rear parking sensors, not even in the top end model !!

13. No boot opening option from outside apart from the key. A latch or a button could have been of much help.

The amount i paid for this car for so many short comings is definitely much higher. Ideally had the car been cheaper by atleast a lac the complaints would not have been justified. I had to add many necessary features to the car to make it a normal car thus escalating the cost further.

I REGRET my decision of buying this car i will advice people to refrain from buying this.

It seems the CO Management the OWNERS have shown their utmost greed in pricing the car esp when u charged for even the a Tissue paper box, a key chain which could have been complementary. The designer of the car was confused whether he was designing a City car or a mini SUV. In all a PATHETIC Car !!!



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