Dear Inge G. Thulin: Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer, I sent – Inge G Thulin email address

John sent a message to Inge G. Thulin – Chief Executive Officer and President of 3M Company – Email Address that said:

Dear Inge G. Thulin: Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer,

I sent the email below along with the return email, to offer your company a suggestion for enhancing your products and to be a benefit to the visually impaired and even give a good product for use by the United States Postal Service. A suggestion that would make your company a lot of money.

I received a reply that could only be described as a potential fishing expedition to determine if and how I would respond and if that response would give the lower minded an opportunity to rip off an honest effort to benefit your company. I did not write to get rich without paying my supposed dues.

I did receive a response from your company and companies have lost court cases with less proof of who offered and first had an idea for commercial benefit. Is the weasel words of someone in support staff the way your company does business with honorable people, whom reach out in good faith. Is it your business philosophy to react with such disrespect to those who chose a gentle hand? or has your support staff unilaterally acted in bad faith to tarnish the reputation your company has fought so many years to create and maintain?

Thank you for contacting 3M, where we Apply Science To Life.

If your idea is the subject of an issued or granted patent, please visit the following web link.

3M also welcomes non-patent ideas and suggestions for enhancements or new uses of existing products. We can capture your idea and share it with our 3M technical research community to review. We cannot guarantee that the idea will be utilized, nor that you will receive any contact back from 3M.

Unfortunately 3M does not compensate for ideas that are not patented.

Thank you for contacting 3M.



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Subject = Products Services - Business

Message = Dear Inge G. Thulin: Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer,

I wish to make a suggestion for a product that will be beneficial to a great many people aimed at those visually impaired in their daily life and as a concept that would benefit the U. S. Postal Service and a great deal of corporate offices with direct and indirect correspondence with the visually impaired. There would be no problem in printing in Braille and standard to maximize the potential clientele.

Are you familiar with the label writers that print out information that can be included for file folders, desktop notes, even mail packaging labeling. Has any one considered adapting the 3M Post it Notes to print out in braille. The visually impaired could print notes to themselves, business correspondence that have the regular Post it Notes, and U.S. Postal Service Packaging especially when a sign for devilry note can be helpful when insured postal deliverers are made. This could open a wide range of possibilities not the least of which, the novelty of such an item would generate a great deal of positive feedback from news programs reporting upon such an idea put to good use.

I would prefer to remain anonymous, as one cannot buy back privacy. If any remuneration would be offered, I would prefer to have a small 1 - 2 % of the gross, so no money if you guys don't make any. If my idea is a benefit for your company, please contact me, either way, to let me know what you think of the idea. I would prefer to have you email me


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