Dear Joe, I am traveling to see my husband during this Holiday season. Amtrak has – Joseph Boardman email address

Adrienne sent a message to Joseph H. Boardman CEO, Amtrak that said:

Dear Joe,
I am traveling to see my husband during this Holiday season. Amtrak has been so utterly disappointing, I am forced to consider other modes of travel for the future.
I had a problem with my ticket and your ticket agent hung up on me. I called back and a wonderful Ticket agent named Karen 7802 took very good care of me. I appreciated that.
It went downhill from there.
When I got to the station I checked two bags and inquired as to if I could have a mattress shipped. I had it rolled and wrapped in plastic. I was told that they could not take it. You website is not very helpful for shipping matters. Furthermore, it seemed that the decision was determined by a throw of the dice. if that is the case, three days before Christmas, an exception should have been made. My husband sleeps on a twin sized air-mattress. This is how we are to spend Christmas? When i returned with other bags to check Amtrak Police Officer Longini sends my man away with the bags! I had try to carry a bag myself and slipped on liquid on the stairs of Union Station. By the time I am able to get my bags to the counter, they are no longer checking bags. I ask to make a formal complaint and Johnathon Siemons, the station manager, begins to question me about my traveling arrangements. "why do you want to check your bag tonight rather than checking tomorrow when you leave." Officer Longini approaches and asks "why are you yelling at these people." The situation completely deteriorated and although, Officer Costopoulous did so much to ensure that I felt comfortable with him being able to handle the situation, absolutely everything else seemed to be perfectly designed to frustrate me. I have no choice but to purse this matter and let people know exactly how mediocre a company Amtrak. Clearly there are people who understand Customer service Like Judy Davis. HOwever she is supervised by Jonathon Siemons who has no clue what policies and procedures are and will insult customers rather than make a situation right. I never asked for you to change your policy I only asked that you make it clear.

I now have to see if Amtrak deigns to check my packages and allow me to have some assistance. Thank you for your time. Adrienne
Happy Christmas!

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