Dear John Bryant, Hello. My name is Christopher and, as a long time consumer of – John A Bryant email address

Christopher sent a message to John A. Bryant – Chairman of the Board of Kellogg Company – Email Address that said:

Dear John Bryant,

Hello. My name is Christopher and, as a long time consumer of your product, I have been wondering why there has been a decrease, almost a disappearance, of toys or added extras in cereal boxes over the last 10 years. As a child, I remember getting some plastic gimmick or simple computer game and absolutely adoring it. Whilst your current scheme of collecting boxes to get a child-goes-free ticket to Alton Towers or some other attraction, it doesnt fulfil the one need that parents really want in the mornings (to get their children to get downstairs to eat their meal before going off to school), while the children want something to take their minds off the fact that they are going to school. Plus, if your toys are collectible (perhaps even football trading cards) young boys hardly need an excuse to brag about something cool that they have that other people do not. (I've got a Rooney! Cant wait to rub this in Kevin's face!) Heck, I'm 17 and I would probably care enough to collect them all if I had 5 out of the 7 in the set.

On another note, I can't help but think that if you were to produce a bowl that shows the optimum levels of milk for each of your respective cereals, you would make a lot of profit. At school I was surrounded by people who filled their bowls with milk all the way to the top, only to throw it all away when they had finished the cereal. For children, you could market this as the perfect bowl of Coco Pops (the perfect levels of milk that optimises the level of chocolate goodness whilst minimising the levels of residue at the bottom of the bowl). However, this could also have some practical uses for adults, namely targeted at your Special K diet range. If you were to produce a bowl that showed the optimum levels of milk to your special K, think of all the calories you could save! 50 calories a bowl, 350 calories a week, 18200 calories a year! Just a thought.

I hope this email find you in good health (if it find you at all) and I hope to hear your reply.



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