Dear Josh. We are not customers of Virgin Media and unfortunately we had to make – Josh Bayliss email address

Bronia sent a message to Josh Bayliss – CEO of Virgin Group email address that said:

Dear Josh.
We are not customers of Virgin Media and unfortunately we had to make a complaint about the lack of permission to put cable on our land.
In my first on -line contact form I wrote a good humoured letter about this. My husband and I said that we allowed the work to go ahead as we have great neighbours. What I failed to say in my e mail was that your team ,( nice guys overall) had already started digging. After contacting the CEO Tom Monkridge, asking for further answers and some form of compensation we were called by someone called Rumaine- Secretary to Tom or representing him.
(Prior to this two staff from VM told us that we had indeed got a good case, and what were we expecting to gain).

We allowed the work to be carried out because we are honest,decent and respect ful people and expected a professionalism and courteous communications from VM.
Rumaine /Romaine - sorry not sure about the spelling was not helpful and upset me. I had no other option than to disconnect the phone because he did not want to listen to me. He said that VM do not give compensation and that we allowed access to our land. I told him that was not the complete story and that I was trying to write be diplomatic complaint in my initial communication . Rumaine said that what we have got is the fact that our neighbours have a connection to VM.
Please ask yourself the question - if we had allowed prior access to our land , then why would I want to waste VM time in complaining about it.
We are left feeling miserable and concerned as to why , when we have accommodated VM in their business , that we have not been treated like wise and with respect.

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