Dear Josh I thought that I would email you so that you could think about an – Josh Bayliss email address

Victor W Whitford sent a message to Josh Bayliss - CEO of Virgin Group email address that said:

Dear Josh
I thought that I would email you so that you could think about an improvement in your Virgin Mobile Phone division.
I took out a £6 per month contract with Virgin earlier this year and everything was fine, then about 2 months into the contract a friend gave me an iPhone 6s as a present. Unfortunately the phone was locked to O2, I thought that the easiest to thing was cancel my contract with Virgin as I thought - I was wrong - that it was a rolling contract and I could leave at anytime without penalty, and start with O2, I phoned up Virgin to get the PAC number as I wanted to keep my number and that was passed to me. Off I went and started with O2.
Some couple of weeks later, I get a text to say that your company will take £122.02 from my bank account; I can only assume that it is a penalty charged by your company.
I will of course pay this as I have no choice but, and this is my reason for contacting you, if it had been explained to me that I would have to pay this charge, I would have given my friend his phone back and stayed with Virgin. I am a 76 year old pensioner, and I am having to pay 25% of my state pension to your company this month, that is a very big amount of money and to be honest, I will have to struggle this coming month because of this charge.
I do hope that you can look into this and make sure your staff are made aware, it is VERY important to explain that this charge will be made. I know that if I had looked hard enough at your terms and conditions I would/should have seen it; unfortunately I am not the perfect human.
Thank you for the time you have spent reading this email.
Best regards

Victor W Whitford

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