Dear Larry Ellison , or rather, Larry Ellison’s assistant/team…I’m a 25 year old married JEWISH – Larry Ellison email address

Dana sent a message to Larry Ellison Co-Founder and CEO, Oracle Corporation – email address that said:

Dear Larry Ellison , or rather, Larry Ellison's assistant/team...I'm a 25 year old married JEWISH woman and I am emailing every millionaire I can find asking for money. I grew up in a poor family of Russian-Israeli immigrants, I wanted to email you because I feel like Jews should help out other Jews (if you don't believe I'm Jewish I can show you my 23andme results + I was born in Beersheva,Israel) I know its weird to ask random rich Jewish people for money, but with my shitty credit score and lack of opportunity I do not know what else I can do. I am currently married to a man of decent income, but our credit and lack of upward mobility (my husband is a programmer and the h1b workers have driven down wages) is preventing us from moving forward in many aspects of our lives. With a credit score of 680, and income of $85,000 the house we want ($450,000 + cost of land) is out of our reach. I'm asking you to do anything you can to help, I know you have the ability (maybe help by lending us $500,000?) it would be tremendous. I know you will never read this and don't think we are poor enough to deserve it, but I like many millennials want to move up in this world. Please find it in your heart to realize that the middle class needs help too, we deserve a little piece of the pie sometimes. Thank you.

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