Dear Laura, Have you ever “Yelp ” ed Pottery Barn? We ordered a couch from – Laura J Alber email address

Conrad sent a message to Laura J. Alber Director, President, and CEO, Williams-Sonoma – email address that said:

Dear Laura,

Have you ever "Yelp"ed Pottery Barn? We ordered a couch from PB in February. The wrong couch (it is a sectional) delivered today - thus the process starts over. Best PB can do is June 20 and the original ask was for me to pay an additional $500. Wish I had gone to Yelp before I committed to this in February - everyone's story is exactly like mine! I know a $3k couch doesn't mean much, but it is ruining my wife.

Mistakes happen. I don't like them - but - I get it. I would have thought your team's initial response would be - "how can we make this right"? Instead - I was asked for $500 and told this is my issue. You delivered the wrong couch - how is this my fault?

For what it is worth - check out the Yelp reviews. I am not sure how a business survives long term with these reviews. Pretty sure we will never buy anything from PB or any other William Sonoma company.

Best regards,

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