Dear M. Ghosn It is with regret that I feel the need to contact you and – Carlos Ghosn email address

Barry sent a message to Carlos Ghosn – Chairman and CEO, Renault – Email Address that said:

Dear M. Ghosn
It is with regret that I feel the need to contact you and ask for your help to resolve my situation.
On 12-08-2015 I collected my new Nissan Qashqai, DT856YT, from Pacific Automobiles, 56850 CAUDAN having paid 37,721.36 euros.
On 25-09-2015 I returned to the garage with my car as it was displaying engine warning lights. I was told the problem was with the cruise control which was now fixed.
The same problem reoccurred, so I returned the car to the garage on 05-10-2015 and 17-11-2015 and 15-12-2015. Each time I was assured that the problem had been fixed.
On 21-01-2016 I was travelling to the garage as all the car’s warning lights were on. Half way there the car stopped working. Nissan assistance were called and delivered my car to Pacific Automobiles. After three weeks, when I noticed that my car had not been moved from the forecourt and I was told by the garage that I was not a priority, I made a formal complaint to Nissan service EU on 11-02-2016 .
On 21-03-2016, after exactly two months, I collected my car which had been fitted with a new EMS, and I updated Nissan customer care service.
To date I have not been contacted by the customer care service or Pacific Automobiles, both of whom had received a copy of my complaint and said they would be in touch ‘promptly’.
Should you require copies of emails or any further information please do not hesitate to contact me by email or by phone
Kind regards

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