Dear Mark, First let me say, my family had a new Country Squire every two – Mark Fields email address

Scott sent a message to Mark Fields – President and Chief Executive Officer of Ford Motor Company email address that said:

Dear Mark, First let me say, my family had a new Country Squire every two years throughout my childhood and teen years. I learned to drive on a 1975 Country Squire. We traded that for a 1976 Chateau van, My father also had several Mustangs through the years. A red 68 Convertible, a Green 71 Convertible, A coral pink 74 mustang II and a '80 mustang Cobra. Needless to say, we were always Ford customers. My first car was a '65 thunderbird purchased for $650.00 and I still love to look at old t-birds at shows and online whenever I have a free hour or two. It is something that I noticed while on a t-bird site that gave me an idea that I wanted to bring to your attention. In 1966 the Thunderbird was available in 25 different colors with 36 different interior combinations. Conversely, the new Lincoln continental will be available in 10 paint choices and 4 interior trims. I realize that its a different world than it was in 1966 but think about this. We also have technology that those folks from 1966 couldn't even imagine. What if you were to use that technology to rethink how paint and interior trim is done and roll out the new Lincoln with 25 or 30 different paint choices and 10 or 12 different interior trims. Advertise that no other luxury automobile in this price range offers more choices for personalization than Lincoln Continental. Pull colors from Lincolns past like Silver Mink and Sauterne Gold with leather interiors that match the exterior color exactly, again a nod to Lincolns heritage. Now I know what you will say. The cost will be prohibitive or nobody wants cars in colors other than black, beige, silver, white and red. But if all you have ever offered the Lincoln customer is just that short list of choices, how do you know you couldn't sell an Ivy Gold or a Gulfstream Aqua. Of course there would be a nominal upcharge for these special colors but not a prohibitively expensive one. Maybe $500 for the paint and $1,500 for the interiors. I really believe that you would start a trend that would soon be emulated by Cadillac and the Japanese brands. BMW already does something like this but they charge way too much. Have you ever checked out how many colors choices you can get on a new Rolls Royce? It would put your new Lincoln in a category by itself and be a great advertising and selling tool when you point out that the only manufacturer that offers more choices is Rolls Royce. If you were to market that fact to the very status conscious Chinese as well as offer various Golds, Greens and reds, It could work out very well for the Lincoln brand and secure the new Continental as the upper middle classs automobile of choice.

The only other thing I wanted to say is that you guys really should try to build another 4 door convertible. It really would sell and it would be something no one else has or has ever had really. Not since the open cars of the 1920s and 30s. I think allot of folks are surprised that you havent come out with one. Hell, Cadillac built the Ciel concept and it was incredible. Something like that. LOL. Thanks for listening. Take care. You are doing a great job.


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