Dear Marvel, My name is Leonardo, I’m the CEO of a non profit organization – Robert Iger email address

Leonardo sent a message to Robert Iger – Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Walt Disney Company Email Address that said:

Dear Marvel,

My name is Leonardo, I'm the CEO of a non profit organization name Heroes For Childhood Illnesses base in Calgary,Alberta.Canada.I don't know if I'm contacting the right department but I hope you could guide me better!! I'm very interested to bring the concept of The Superformula that was created in Brazil to the children hospital in Alberta Canada but instead of DC superheroes logo I would like to have the Marvel heroes logo and some of the Walt Disney princess logo on the case that clips together to completely cover the chemotherapy intravenous bag , please watch this short clip on youtube, which explain the whole concept of the Superformula .

Your feedback is very much appreciated!!

Thank you very much for your time and help!

Best Regards,

CEO Leonardo

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