Dear Michael Massey (CEO), I wanted to inform you about a tragic experience I had – Michael J Massey email address

Vanessa Alvarado sent a message to Michael J. Massey - Chief Executive Officer and President of PetSmart, Inc. - Email Address that said:

Dear Michael Massey (CEO),

I wanted to inform you about a tragic experience I had at my local Petsmart, PetHotel, located in Secaucus, NJ. As a pet parent yourself, to four dogs, I can only imagine you would understand the pain and suffering I am going through. Most importantly, the terrible experience my dog encountered while under your facilities care. Our pets are our family “children” ones say. I have had my dog, Buddy from 6 mo. until now (crossing my fingers), he is just shy of his 13th birthday. Keeping that in mind, my goal with this email is to make you aware of the staffs negligence and use this situation as a training opportunity for your staff members.

I booked my original reservation for the PetHotel from July 21-29. When I dropped buddy off on the 21st, his health was intact (I have records). He was joyful, full of life and most importantly healthy. I called daily and the staff said he was having a difficult time adjusting however that he was eating and using the bathroom. On Monday the 24th, before I was leaving the country I called once again. The staff again assured me that he was doing well. After hanging up, I didnt feel at ease therefore I called my mother immediately, which was listed as his emergency contact and asked her to pick him up earlier on the 27th. When she picked him up she couldnt understand what had happened, he could barely walk, her exact words were he was walking as if he was drunk”, frail, and lethargic. She asked the staff member and she said “hes a senior” Well, he is, but he is a senior that walked into that place healthy and alive. What is most upsetting is that when I landed back in the states on the 28th, I turned my phone on and had a voicemail from a staff member from the 25th, which was one day after I had called to check in. The voicemail stated that there was no urgency but that they were worried about Buddy. The million-dollar question here, is why would that woman call me and not the emergency contact? How can she be so negligent with my boy? I arrived the morning of the 29th, I could not believe my eyes. What had happened to my little guy? If these issues were present, why didnt they call the emergency contact or bring him to the in-house veterinary. Needless to say, I rushed him to a vet at 9am, the vet immediately referred me to the nearest animal hospital. My poor Buddy was in kidney failure.

He is now hospitalized in the ICU, fighting for his life and Im praying for his quick recovery. I went to the store asking for answers, begging them to roll back the tapes, as I deserve to know what happened. Additionally, I have placed several calls with corporate customer service and still have not heard back case #A34937. I hope and pray that no other pet parent has to go through what I am going through.Someone needs to be responsible for the negligence my boy encountered.

My conversations with all the vets that have attended to him, have lead me to believe, he caught something there, possibly ate a toxin, did not eat or drink as they told me. My heart breaks to know that the staff was not attending to him as they should have or observing his odd behavior. I left Buddy in their care, trusting that they would treat him as I do.

Thank you for your time and attention and I do hope you stand behind your mission statement. We believe pets make us better people. Thats why we create more moments for people to be inspired by pets.

I look forward to hearing back from you.

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