Dear Michael, OK, I admit it. I was wrong about Ryanair. I used to believe – Michael OLeary email address

Colin sent a message to Michael O’Leary – CEO, Ryanair – Email Address that said:

Dear Michael,

OK, I admit it. I was wrong about Ryanair. I used to believe the hype here in Norway about it being a ruthless, inconsiderate company with lousy service. I even avoided flying with you. You might even have called me a hater.

But then I joined some friends on a flight they'd booked for me, and I realised I was wrong. I was converted. It was pleasant, efficient, quick -- and cheap. The staff were helpful and friendly, the planes were clean and the selection of food was great. You flew on time, every time.

I started flying regularly from Rygge. And I really enjoyed being able to fly from this charming, modern, clean efficient airport. It seems to match everything that Ryanair stands for. And I became a Ryanair enthusiast.

And then the government introduced this idiotic tax charge through bungled negotiations, incompetence and political horse-trading bordering on corruption. They've certainly forgotten who votes for them, and who pays their wages.

I have cancelled my membership of the government party Høyre, and so have many others. Unfortunately it hasn't helped.

In Norway it seems that only the public (and subsidised) airports stand a chance. Private capital is frowned on.

It would be a great shame if this were the death knell of Rygge. We need this airport, not just for the jobs it provides, or because it will save the travelling public countless journeys to Oslo. We need it for the self-respect, status and future development of this whole region. It's a fantastic airport, and it deserves a reprieve.

That's why Im reaching out to you in the hope that you will reconsider closing your base at Rygge. I know it's a long shot, but worth a try. You're an inspiring CEO, and you don't always follow the roads that others do. That's why I wrote to you. Because I know you listen. Thanks for reading. And I hope to fly with you again soon.

Best regards,

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