Dear Michael O’Leary, I am a very disappointed Ryanair guest who took his Godson to – Michael OLeary email address

Zsolt sent a message to Michael O'€™Leary CEO, Ryanair that said:

Dear Michael O'Leary, I am a very disappointed Ryanair guest who took his Godson to London for his 16th birthday and our flight lated over 6 hours, we got a 5euros voucher and when I claimed for the correct EU compensation I was refused with a silly bullshit which is clearly visible LYING! In 1 sentece the excuse was the Dublin weather which influenced the flight, our flight from Budapest to London should leave at 6:25 am, and the Dublin - Budapest flight leaves from Dublin at 7:20 am in the morning. For me it was clear that you will avoid the correct payment, but I really can not accept how your custumer service works. This is obvious that neither me nor any of my friends relatives will not travel any more by your airline, and I'll turn to the European court for compensation, but for you as a CEO it is an honest feedback, that you should NOT tolerate this type of behaviourship, because if I remember well I paid for the ticket and it was not a gift from Ryanair, as long as I'm the custumer, I also have rights and CAN NOT ACCEPT BULLSHITS from your associates. I apologise if this is your personal expectation and you imagine a company where it is a basic criteria to lie to the partners. Sorry for taking your time, and I'm sure you personally do not care about a passanger xomplaint, I just wanted to inform you Dear Reader that what is going at Ryanair is UNACCEPTABLE and NOT CUSTUMER FRIENDLY!
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