Dear Michael O\'Leary, Just heard your interview with Sean O\'Rourke on RTEacute; on the way – Michael OLeary email address

Vivian Browne sent a message to Michael OLeary - CEO, Ryanair - Email Address that said:

Dear Michael OLeary,
Just heard your interview with Sean ORourke on RTÉ on the way home from work here in Perth WA. I agree wholeheartedly with the comments made by you in the interview. Good on you for telling it like it is. Good on you for being yourself and not giving in th the whigers and whiners in Ireland, UK and indeed Europe. Good on you for creating thousands of jobs and good on you for being an Irishman doing all of this. I have lived in Australia for 16 years but continue to keep abreast of things back home and with RTÉ online I can tune in anytime and keep up to date. I never really heard you speak before, I have read articles about you, normally derogatory, but I have always admired your no nonsense approach. Wish that Ryanair were in Australia, airfares here are so expensive. Going back to Dublin in September for a month, my wife and I might even get a Ryanair flight over to U.K. to see her brother. Anyway, all the very best to you, keep up the great work and keep the bastards honest.
Vivian Browne.

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