Dear Mr 0’Leary,I was unfortunately a customer of your airline at Barcelona airport when – Michael OLeary email address

tracey sent a message to Michael O’Leary – CEO, Ryanair – Email Address that said:

Dear Mr 0'Leary,
I was unfortunately a customer of your airline at Barcelona airport when the French air strike led to the cancellation of my flight. Your staff at Barcelona were very thin on the ground and handled the situation poorly. No one had any information for us and we were left to our own devices. initially we were told the flight was delayed and we were moved to a below stairs waiting area, around this time some of your customers started receiving texts telling them that the flight was cancelled, we received no such text and then suddenly our flight just disappeared from the departures board. Passport control had no idea what was happening and told us to go back down to arrivals, which we did to find one long enormous queue for the Ryanair desk. We joined the queue, again no information and no staff walking the line to inform people, no offer of meal vouchers, no drinks. Eventually as we got closer to the top of the queue fights began to break out, the staff simply inflamed the situation by providing no explanation as to what was happening. When we eventually reached the end of the queue your representative suggested we get a flight to Genoa and from their a flight to somewhere else, when we pointed out that the strike was set to last three days she shrugged her shoulders. After persisting she eventually booked us onto a flight back to East Midlands on the Wednesday, stating that Ryanair would only pay for one night in a three star hotel. As it was now the early hours we spent what was left of the night on the airport floor trying to book another hotel. We know that when we travel with a budget airline we are not going to get excellent service, but this wasn't even cattle class, we queued for six hours with no information, no offer of fluids or food and your staff were dismissive of people's grievances. You were quick to take to social media and condemn the strikers, perhaps you should look to the failings in your staff handling of customer care. Yours sincerely, Tracey.

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