Dear Mr. Abney, I have filed a formal complaint with UPS for a package that – David Abney email address

Deborah Hatheway sent a message to David Abney Chief Executive Officer of UPS Email Address that said:

Dear Mr. Abney, I have filed a formal complaint with UPS for a package that your company delivered on Mon, Dec, 18 2017 that was sent from Jacksonville, FL to Hemlock, Indiana, the complaint is that the package was for my mother, the address was wrong from the get go, the UPS store there inputted the house number wrong, I am not going to tell you the whole story again but you can refer to "see FB post" case # 489293 and you will understand my complaint, we(me and my mom) have tried to get this settled but we have gotten nothing but the runaround on this, I have spoken to a number of your agents but they all have the excuse that "the package was delivered to the address" this kind of customer service is unacceptable, I have dealt with companies over the years and have never had the worst service than UPS, I have posted my story on the social media and have gotten many likes and heard from people who have said that after this they will never use UPS again and I have also heard from people who too have had bad service using UPS and will never again, I do not have to tell you that negative publicity travels quicker and farther then positive publicity, your company is responsible for the loss of my moms package and you should make this right, please refer to my FB post, I am reaching out to you as the CEO to look at my case and find a way to settle this, I would like to see your policies change as the way the business is run now is a real good way for a company to loose business. I will be more than happy to provide any additional information that you request, I will await your response and I hope that you will take this matter seriously because I sure am. Sincerely, Deborah Hatheway

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