Dear Mr. Ahmad,Greetings and hope this email finds you well. I\'m writing to you – Ahmad Bin Byat CEO email address

Mohamed sent a message to Ahmad Bin Byat CEO, Dubai Holding Email Address that said:

Dear Mr. Ahmad,

Greetings and hope this email finds you well. Im writing to you regarding A BIG FRUSTRATION I have from the Du customer service.

I moved my location to another place and I requested on December 26th the relocation service by email. I went to the Jumeirah Branch by myself next day, the customer service there, told me that Iam black listed!! I wondered because I pay all my bills on a monthly basis and the service even was never cut.

I was promised that, they will solve it. Meantime , I sent an email to the customer care, I got a reply after 24 hours that I need to visit one of the DU branches.

I kept following up everyday and nothing solved, yesterday, I received an email that I have been scheduled for January 4th.

How come from December 26th to January 4th. Then, I went today to the main branch in Dubai Internet City and I asked them to help me to send someone as soon as possible to install the service, my wife s work is all online and she is losing business, my kids spent the new year without any Internet connection and TV.

Until this moment that Im writing this email, no one even called me to give me any update.

Im really affected by this issue big time and I apologize for any inconvenience.

I appreciate your assistance in this issue and to make sure that it will not happen with any client.


Mohamed Hanafy

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