Dear Mr. Anderson -I am contacting you after many attempts to rectify the problems we – Gerard M Anderson email address

Lisa Bausch sent a message to Gerard M. Anderson Chief Executive Officer of DTE Energy Company Email Address that said:

Dear Mr. Anderson -

I am contacting you after many attempts to rectify the problems we are having with receiving correct electric/gas bills. The billing for our house has not been correct since October 2017 - I did not receive a bill for three months, now I am receiving bills every two weeks with different amounts on each bill. I have called multiple times to the help center, and have been told my problem has been escalated to the billing department. I am unable to get any answers on when the problem will be resolved and they are unwilling to let me speak to someone in the billing department who would know what the problem with my account is. Apparently, nobody can talk to the billing department, not even the customer service representatives? With regards to the two bills I received, I asked about which bill I was supposed to pay. I was told that both were not correct, but I should make a payment of any amount to make sure my account does not go to collections. I also asked if I would be contacted when my billing issues have been resolved, to which I was told "no". I asked how I would know when I receive a bill that is correct and was told "you will just know". I have seen multiple complaints regarding the same issues. Contact me if you would like to further information. This is extremely frustrating. as I received a bill saying I owed $5,000 at one point! I tried to also file a complaint on your website - as there is a form to do this, but the form would not go through and I was told to contact the administrator. I realize you may have implemented a new billing system last year, and I would be much more patient if information was provided explaining that you are aware of the issues and working on solutions. The lack of information being provided to your customers is completely unacceptable.

Lisa Bausch

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