Dear Mr Bradway, I am writing to discuss a potential brand extension or proposal, if – Robert A Bradway email address

Fasil sent a message to Robert A. Bradway – Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Amgen – Email Address that said:

Dear Mr Bradway,

I am writing to discuss a potential brand extension or proposal, if I could receive some feedback or advice regarding this it would be greatly appreciated.

According to Rethinking healthcare “Traditional business models in the pharmaceutical industry are slowly dying out: Over two thirds of the European and US decision-makers in the pharmaceutical sector no longer regard traditional strategies and marketing channels as viable”

Due to this reason and due to the growing number of sexual transmitted diseases and new strands of STD’s being discovered science must adapt in the reach towards the public in a further effective approach. Many organisations have had difficulty in diverting the public to these clinics and hospitals for testing. This is mainly due to the demographic locations and the time consuming factors. For this sole purpose I am suggesting introducing a new product/ service line which will consist of sending potential customers urine cups and swabs which are waterproof packaged and set to one of our laboratories for testing and diagnosis. Along with the results we will send recommended products by forming a brand alliance with specific medicinal companies. Furthermore blood tests will be difficult for an individual to conduct at home due to health and safety reasons. To counteract this issue we will hire junior doctors, off call nurses and midwifes who will all receive a percentage income based on commission. (Generally calculated with number of patients visited) the commission business model is loosely based on Uber who hire taxi drivers on their days off or after hours as it is primarily the same nature of business. This model from Uber has proved to already become highly successful and can be interpreted into our business.

A chart could be drawn up of our services and costs; these are only generally estimated and are not market based costs. These charts could consist of:

• Urine sample - £6.50 (posting and packaging included
• Urine sample swabs - £9.50 (posting and packaging included)
• Urine sample, swabs home visit to conduct blood test - £15 (posting and packaging included)

A possible slogan for our company/service could be along the lines of “no contraceptive is 100% effective” the reason behind this slogan is the shortness incorporated with the effectiveness of it. It gets straight to the point and any consumer would know what our business consists of just by reading these five words. (Studying a degree in marketing will aid in the effectiveness of getting this product visualized in the public and help target this service with the use of varied marketing channels)
The main unique selling point for our business will be the "convenience factor" as more and more of the public are looking for shortcuts and less time consuming services and products it places us at a great advantage over competition.

Through the use of channels we will attempt to create and sustain an ongoing relationship and ongoing dialogue. An example of this could be a simple message stating “Happy St Patrick's day everyone, stay safe and don’t forget to get tested” this could be followed up the next morning by “Hope you guys enjoyed St Patricks day, remember to get tested!” This constant and ongoing dialogue creates brand relationships and brand trust which will be the key to this nature of business considering most customers may feel vulnerable and may wish to conduct testing through a discrete method from a trusted company.

This business model does not have to specifically have to be grounded to the STD area it can further venture into identifying possible medication needed before a potential disease can take effect. Furthermore it can also identify vitamins and minerals an individual is lacking and we supply these at cost prices by forming a brand alliance with pharmaceutical companies. Furthermore I have always dreamed of having the opportunity to make a difference and leave a legacy as one of the greatest inventors of the 21st century. I truly believe as technology is approaching new depths this venture will break through all known barriers of pharmaceuticals and create a momentum for mankind. If you do not believe as I do in this venture I strongly urge you to do some research on locations and efforts people face commuting and you will see the enormous gap available for taking.

Thank you for taking the time for read through the business model/venture, I look forward to hearing from you,

Yours sincerely,


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